Blow Jays

11 05 2009

Blow jays- a thing of my past, but a thing nonetheless. I think everyone should utilize the talents they possess and once upon a time the blow job was mine… Here are a few rules I falashe by along with an intimate excerpt from “my hetero days” diary.

First, the three most important things to remember:
1. Communication! (Verbal or sound)
2. Variety. No one likes plain old bopping Mc Betty
3. Stamina: Self explanatory.

A few more assorted tips:

-Balls are your friends.

– Giving head was never meant to look elegant don’t be afraid to get a little dirty, throw some elbow grease into the mix. Its ok if you hair gets wrecked and your makeup runs. It’s all in good sexy fun.

-Its all in the eyes. Drive them wild with the look of confidence. If you can’t bring yourself to stare up at your guys “Oh Em Gee” face, then you shouldn’t be on your knees to begin with.

*Remember you may be in a submissive position but baby you are holding All the power between your tonsils. Be proud.
Which brings me to my motto on oral sex “go to town on that shit” if you aren’t going to give it 110% ….as Madison’s mom would say, “someone else will!”

Last but not least
– Not a fan of swallowing your boys juicy seeds? Then try this one on for size..the phrase “cum ON me baby” will never disappoint. Allow your fellow to make an abstract painting. With your body as his canvas you can’t go wrong. His love for porn and your gag reflex will thank you.

An excerpt from my past: I remember looking at my chest pumping up and down, gasping for air and thinking this is art. White lines of pleasure  crossed over my breast, slowly starting to curve around my collar bone. Sticky but comforting, feeling overwhelmingly claimed by him. I laid back and smiled in accomplishment he crawled over with a towel and wiped me down.  He grinned , I asked why.  “Its my turn now” he said with a devilish look in his eyes… I didn’t argue.

Leah Lexington<3




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